Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A "welcome home" hug from Kuching

The Kuching running rat pack appeared on schedule just after six this morning near the Hilton. So good to see them!! We did the basic 10K run over the bridge and back to the kampungs, but Sim threw in a few extra hills. I think she has a slight sadistic streak!

Daryl Leong, from Saturday's race sponsor, arrived at 3 pm for an interview for an article that may come out in the "Borneo Post" tomorrow or Thursday. My event is over 7K.

I called in to see Ramsay this morning, and he and Michael Lim called by the hotel early evening to drop off the work of Ramsay's I've bought. I'll have it here to enjoy for the rest of my stay, then it will be sent down to Albury.

Saw Emily this morning after my run. Having dinner with her tomorrow.

I've decided after talking with Sim and Madeleine this morning to come back to Kuching on 22 December and spend Christmas through to mid-January here training for the Mumbai half marathon on 16 January. I love this place, and I've been really lucky to find such a great bunch of people to train with.

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