Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going bananas in Borneo

This is Ritchie, the alpha male out at Semenggoh Wildlife Reserve. There are about three dozen orang-utans that have been rehabilitated to life in the wild or born there. It's amazing watching them tree surfing.

I had a half-hour interview at Radio TV Malaysia in the afternoon with Jennifer Lau for her program, "The Living Room". I got in a good plug for the charity run on Saturday. (The guest before me was Edric Ong, who I met through Ramsay!) Daryl called yesterday to tell me that despite my age (!), they were making an exception yet again for me and allowing me to run the 7K course. The other guests are entered in the 3K event.

Emily picked me up at 5.30 and we went to her brother James's video editing suite. He showed me the corporate video he was working on when we were there a couple of weeks ago, plus a music video and a couple of other more creative things he's worked on. Rita met us there. We went for dinner nearby. The girls and I went to see "Sex and the City 2". A bit of fluff. There wasn't enough of New York for my liking!

Ran c. 10K with the Kuching Rat Pack this morning. We backtracked when it started to sprinkle with rain. It seems December is monsoon season here...

Worked all day today.

I've got less than a week left here.

I was catching up the other day on some "Borneo Posts" from when I was away and in one issue I knew two people who were written up (the mayor of Miri, and a trainer who came to my talk there)!

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