Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunset in Sarawak

I think Kuching and I might become buddies. I could also get quite fat here. You could graze all day on the most wonderful Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Thai hawker food, and iced juices and fruit teas.

I'm here for a month, staying at The Lime Tree, a quite groovy family-owned boutique hotel in a great location in Chinatown, about a 5-minute walk to the waterfront. The promenade alongside the Sarawak River is 1 km in length, so that's where I'll be running in the mornings.

This morning I met two really interesting locals. Derrick Chin has a business making fabulous furniture from recycled Borneo timbers ( If I was setting up house, instead of having just dismantled mine, I would have been tempted to buy about four pieces from him. Ramsay Ong is a local artist who has exhibited worldwide. I really liked a lot of his work when I had a look through his gallery ARTrageously (, but one work really stood out for me. Well, two, but the other one is out of my price range! I spoke with him for some time. A lovely, gentle man. He lived for eight years in Kandy, Sri Lanka, which I loved when my sister and I were there in 1992. He has used leaves from the bodhi tree in this work. It has a lot of depth. Very beautiful. Just the other day, he watched the documentary "Herb and Dorothy", which I was talking to friends in Albury about recently. I saw it last year in New York and I bought the DVD to watch again when I'm back there in September.

I worked this afternoon, then went out for another jalan-jalan (stroll) in the late afternoon. Had an early dinner on the waterfront, where five dragon boat teams were training for the big regatta that's being held in July.

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