Monday, August 24, 2009

Feet, don’t fail me now

I was feeling nervous about running the Fed Hill Challenge 10K today, and for good reason. The middle 5Ks were a seemingly never-ending climb up a muddy track to the top of Federation Hill, then a bone-jarring, slippery descent. I had no hope of running up the hills; it was all I could do to walk them, pushing down on the tops of my legs to keep them turning over and trying not to fall forward into one of the cowpats that seemed to be just inches from my nose. I can be quite a noisy racer. (Christine says I sound like I’m giving birth.) Yesterday was one of those days.

Once we got back down off the hills and on to the bike path it was plain sailing home for about 2.5K. I gave it what I had, holding just a tad in reserve for a good finish. Coming up the final stretch the ground was muddy and slippery, but I managed to complete the course without coming a cropper.

My time was 57:00 minutes. I was 4th female in the 50+ AG (out of 20). Christine was 2nd out of 15 in the 5K. The first time she has placed, so … well done her!

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