Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the move again

My wellness check put a few worries to rest (Doc: Do you worry a lot? Me: Yes. Doc: I thought so.), though I need to follow up on a couple of things. I picked up a bad chest cold this week, so for someone who is "one of the healthiest people" the doc has seen, I feel like shit.

Patrick arrived for a four-day look-see at Kuching and loves it.

Today I'm heading to Ubud, where I'm going to hunker down for two months and focus on getting through my workload and eating really healthily.

The big news over the past nearly two weeks is the missing Malaysian plane, MH370. I'm leaning towards the view that it diverted from its course and towards the airport at Langkawi because of an electrical fire on board, with the crew then being incapacitated. I hope my MH flights today are incident-free. It's a tragic event for everyone involved, and also for Malaysia in "Visit Malaysia Year". 

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