Thursday, March 6, 2014

To good health!

In two weeks when I leave Kuching and head back to Ubud, I'll have spent ten weeks here. My longest previous stay has been a month. I've been able to work with a very good physiotherapist, Ganesan, to increase the range of movement of my arm, thanks to Sam who has been ferrying me to and from my appointments. I'm also partway through a wellness check. I've had a complete health assessment here in Kuching in 2011, 2013 and now again. In addition, I'm seeing another orthopaedic specialist. Who knew this year was going to be so much about health, mine and other people's?

My workload has been heavy, so I haven't been doing much besides walking a few mornings a week with Jackie or Sam, meeting runner friends for occasional breakfasts, watching a few movies, working and trying to mend. I've had to come to terms with a big change in my life, and that's been a challenge. I've been lucky to have the support of friends here, and I hope that I'm able to give something back to them.

Sadly, two friends made since I first visited Sarawak in 2010 have died just recently: my friend Mas's husband Jun, who took me to karaoke a few times; and Molly, in Miri, whom I met twice when I went to meetings of the Society of Sarawakians Writing in English and who was a Facebook friend. On a more positive note, friends made in New York since I started my peripatetic life have had babies and weddings.

After a couple of months in Ubud, I'll be taking a mid-year break back in Oz to see family and friends.

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  1. Happy Travels Robyn:
    Good news that you are healing well enough to pack up your bags and move on. Take care of that arm - it could take as long as a year for it to become "normal" or what is going to pass for normal for awhile.
    Sorry you have lost a couple of friends to death - it happens sometimes without warning and sometimes it comes creeping in slowly - as in the case of my husband who is still here but slowly losing ground.
    Enjoy your travels and especially your visit back to Australia - wish I could go there too - while my younger son and his family are still there -not sure how much longer they will be there. There is nothing certain in life except death and taxes - and taxes are due here in April!