Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

I've arrived in my Oz home of Albury during a "long wet". The first few days it was warm and wet, like monsoon rain in Asia; but now it's cold and miserable. I've also been sick since the day I arrived, so that and the weather have really impacted on my plans to be out and about and catch up with people while I'm here. I have bronchitis, which feels worse each day, not better after five days on antibiotics. I can't run, and I'm collapsing into bed at about 8 pm. But I'm still ploughing through my work in-tray... I've seen a few pals and family, but I'm not great company!

I had a night in Melbourne at Barb and Bill's after flying in from Los Angeles. Martyn picked me up from the airport. There was immediate pressure to deal with an urgent job that had been sitting in my in-tray for 16 hours, which was a bit stressful. Martyn and Joanne joined us for dinner. I'll be back staying in the apartment for about five weeks at the end of the year, which I'm looking forward to.

I loved staying on Venice Beach as a break between Texas and the long flight to Oz. Had a fabulous run the only morning I was there, south to the Venice Pier, back along the Grand Canal, then north to the Santa Monica Pier and back. About 80 minutes on a stunning morning with a clear blue sky. A film crew was setting up a couple of blocks from where I was staying. 

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