Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I need a pedicure!

I've just finished editing a book about manicures and pedicures (or 'pedicares', apparently), and my poor old feet could do with one of the latter.

Last week I ran and walked the whole way around the island of Manhattan – or at least those parts of it that are accessible to pedestrians. Tamar and I ran the first 10 or so miles up the Hudson River from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal early one morning. Then the next day Holly and I walked from where I'd finished the run, at West 125th Street, right up to the top of the island and around to East Harlem via the Harlem River. I finished that leg at East 96th Street. The next afternoon I started from there and went all the way back down the East River to my starting point. It was good fun, but my right knee was sore at the end of the second day and my feet were sore by the end of the third. I've just written my next column about it.

It was also a social week, with a fun catchup over lunch in Midtown with Tavia and Robert from the team I ran the Green Mountain Relay with last year, and a really nice dinner with Heather, Joe and Marie from the Dusters.

On Friday I took the train to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I stayed with Dead Runner Peg and her husband Larry. On Saturday, they and their daughter Laura showed me around central Lancaster (the market, etc) and the neighbouring areas where Amish families have farms and businesses and there are some covered bridges. We went to a nice place for dinner.

Yesterday, Peg took me over to Hershey, near Harrisburg, for the inaugural Hershey Half Marathon. It was good to spend time with her. I was really pleased with the way I ran my race. I was very focused and able to keep my momentum going very strongly without overdoing it. I placed second woman in my age group.

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