Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Quarter a New Yorker

I think I was born with the New York gene. The Chinese laundry across the street is doing my washing. The framer’s in the next block, between 7th and 6th Avenues on 23rd Street, is framing a fabulous black-and-white image by the Maltese photographer Joe Smith that I brought with me as a gift for my friend Holly, also a photographer. I love the sight of steam rising out of the subway grates; and I love seeing, as I saw this morning, a photographer trying to capture that iconic New York image. In New York I know that as I walk along the crowded sidewalks, everyone I encounter will be gracious, courteous and articulate. I love that the snippets of overheard conversations will be like sound bites from a play or a film or a monologue or a comedy routine. I love this place, even when the warm spring sunshine that we enjoyed three days ago has turned to a steady, freezing drizzle. I think that people who love New York do so because they love who they become in New York. New York wants nothing less than for you to be the best you can be. So, when you love New York, you become gracious, courteous, articulate, and funny … and so you become a New Yorker.

Photo by Arthur Leipzig


  1. Its good to see you are enjoying yourself. Id love to come visit you sometime :)

  2. I'd love to have you stay, Chloe. I'm here again from 5 September to 15 November this year. Next year's dates are still to be decided.