Monday, January 30, 2012

Soul food

Rewarded myself for a long day's work with another visit to the IFC cinema in the West Village, this time with Maria to see "How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?" Very uplifting. Min in Kuching MUST see this! Foster designed the HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong and Beijing airports, Swiss Re headquarters in London, and the revamped Reichstag in Berlin (which I regret I didn't visit), among many other stunning buildings... The film made me want to look up and be more aware as I'm walking around the streets. This viaduct, near Millau in southern France, looked amazing in the film, which was beautifully photographed. Foster, a cancer survivor, flies small planes, gliders and helicopters, competes in ski marathons, and is a cyclist. Artist Anish Kapoor was among those interviewed, which reminded me of the amazing exhibition of his work which Uma and I saw in Mumbai, where red paint was shot out of a cannon at a wall-high canvas. Fabulous. I felt excited all through the film. There was so much in it that was beautiful.

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