Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laidback Lamma

How easy is it to pick up where you left off with an old pal after 17 years with no contact? Very easy, when that pal is Nicola N.

We’re friends from the early days of the Women in Publishing Society in Hong Kong. Nicola is an editor/journalist. She’s now living back on Lamma Island after a three-year stint in London. She and Enid, a financial journalist, live with their two cats in a fabulous pad in the tiny village of Pak Kok Tsuen, a half-hour's walk from Yung Shue Wan, where I arrived on the ferry.

There are no cars on Lamma, which is criss-crossed by narrow paths. It’s a great getaway from Hong Kong. Today was hot and sunny, so there were lots of daytrippers about.

Coming back, I took a smaller ferry from Pak Kok Tsuen to Aberdeen. Where I was sitting in the back, there were eight or so people and five dogs, who looked like they’d enjoyed their excursion to laidback Lamma.

On Thursday I had my appointment at the bank to set up a business account for my newly registered Hong Kong business. I got back to the Helena May right on time for the book group lunch I’d been invited to by Cath’s friend Melinda. This is the first time I’ve finished reading the assigned book before a book group meeting. I really enjoyed it: Elizabeth Strout’s novel, “Olive Kitteridge”. Others there were Lydia, Bren and Liz, who was back visiting Hong Kong from London and is running the New York Marathon this year. We’re going to try and catch up afterwards.

Yesterday, Polly and I had lunch at the FCC with Maggie and Karen from a company here whose monthly newsletter we produce. It was fun. From there I went to Causeway Bay to see an exhibition at Times Square that Polly had seen and thought I would like. I just loved the work by the Korean sculptor Hwan Kwon Yi.

Back to the FCC last night for drinks and dinner with Cath, Polly and her friend Betty. Charlie arrived from Macau with my camera charger that I’d left behind. Cath and I then went on to the Skylark Lounge to see Brendan’s band, Bank Job, play. Cath’s Rebecca joined us there. I thought the second band, Balu and The Jungle, were fantastic.


  1. Dear Robyn,

    The Editor of Lamma-gunj, the excellent on-line magazine on life on Lamma, handed me a print-out of your piece, "Laidback Lamma" while we were having dinner at the Waterfront the other evening.

    While I enjoyed reading the piece, I was thoroughly 'cheesed off' to discover that you lifted my photo of the Main Street without having the simple courtesy of requesting me before doing so. It is easy to contact me as the URL of my website is displayed on every image.

    Considering your and your friends' background in publishing I would have gladly permitted you to use the image, with due acknowledgement, on your blog.

    Hope our paths will cross one day as I plan to relocate to Hong Kong.



  2. Pls accept my apologies! As the source was clearly indicated, I thought it would be OK. But you are absolutely right and I should have sought your permission.

  3. Oh, I didn't realise till now that Swapan actually complained to you about using his photo. Sorry for me showing your blog story to him. {*Big Smile*}

    So I better ask for both your permissions to use this entire story, picture and comments above in the Lamma-zine at!

  4. Oh no! I was only cheesed off a bit. More of a 'sob sob' thing than a complaint. So, guys relax.

    @ Robyn, I see you are travelling through the Lake Districts and the Midlands of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Of course, when the Sun is out and shinning. Have pleasant memories of the region.

    @ Lamma-Gung, you know I love Lamma. Any little bit I can do, directly or indirectly, am only too pleased to do so. You are welcome,my friend. Will write to you soon.