Friday, June 25, 2010

Who has time to work?

I'm having difficulty squeezing in work around my busy social life here in Kuching!

Rita picked me up this morning for a two-hour remedial massage therapy session at the holistic healthcare clinic where she has her practice. She shares it with two retired GPs who now practise complementary and alternative medicine. Rita is an Emmett practitioner. It was fantastic. I also got to talk with Drs Leong and Yao. I wouldn't hesitate to put myself in the hands of these three people if I ever had any issues with my health. I'm going back on Monday for another session with Rita, and I'll do some other therapies with the docs when I'm back in December.

I squeezed in a couple of hours' work before heading out to see Ramsay mid-afternoon. I wanted to get a couple of gifts, things made by him. In the gallery, he was talking with Bob Reece, who is the author of articles and books on Borneo, including "The White Rajahs of Sarawak". He told us a bit about an article he has just written on a previous Sultan of Brunei. I ended up buying that book, and Edric Ong's book "Sarawak Style", on and using the Central Park West address in New York for delivery. They are both heavy coffee-table books.

I gave Emily her gift. She showed me some of the drawings she does. They are really beautiful. (The one accompanying this note isn't one of Em's.)

Tomorrow's race is at 5.30 pm. Emily said James wants to get some video footage at the start and along the course!

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